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As a Working Mother, How Can You Successfully Juggle Your Life And Work

Wednesday, March 8, 2023 2:57 PM By Koch Properties

As a Working Mother, How Can You Successfully Juggle Your Life & Work ?

As a working mom, it can be difficult to find the right equilibrium between life and work. Juggling tasks at home with those of your job is no easy feat!

It can be challenging and a daunting task to manage both roles but it is certainly possible with the right attitude.

Being a working mother means that you need to juggle multiple responsibilities from career, child care, household chores, to being a wife and make sure you don't drop any of them.

However, learning how to manage these demands in a productive way will help you create lasting harmony that serves both your career aspirations and family goals.

Here are some tips to help your work life balance as a working mother

1. Establish Boundaries:

Setting boundaries between your personal and professional life is essential for successful balancing of both. Figure out when it’s time to switch from “mom mode” to “work mode” and vice versa.

This will help keep your schedule organised and make sure you're focused on each responsibility at the right time and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Flexibility is key when it comes to managing life and work balance as a working mom.

Realise that some days will be harder than others, but if you remain flexible in your approach, you can find ways around any obstacles that come up.

2. Release Yourself from the Guilt of Parenting

Working moms - It’s normal to feel guilty for not being able to spend as much time with your children as you'd like. But, it is important to remember that working hard to provide for your family is a noble and admirable task and you are a great mom who is not a stay at home mom.

Let go of the mom guilt because you are not a bad mom and embrace the challenge of balancing both roles!

Being a working mom is a choice that should be admired, not judged or shamed. If you are feeling guilty about not being with your child all the time, it's time to let it go.

3. Make Time for Yourself:

Don’t forget to schedule time for yourself!

Taking some “me-time” or self care time every once in a while can help you relax and recharge, so that you can go back to your busy life with renewed energy and the best version of yourself.

Whether it’s a few minutes of meditation or an hour-long massage, taking regular breaks is essential for managing stress levels in today's world.

Plan ahead and stay organized by making your own schedule or use online calendar management tools like Google Calendar to help you not forget important events and keep track of what needs to be done and when.

4. Seek Support:

Being working mothers means you don't have to do everything alone. To maximize time ask family members, co workers and close friends for help when needed - they'll be more than happy to lend a hand.

By delegating tasks, you're able to balance work, home life, free up some of your time, get flexible hours and make sure important things get done and you find balance.

5. Practice Mindfulness:

Practicing mindfulness can help you stay in the present moment and offer you some sort of a perfect balance, instead of worrying about the past or future.

Schedule to taking a few minutes each day to focus on your breath and sink into the moment can reduce stress levels and help you stay grounded while facing challenging situations.

6. Embrace Imperfections with Open Arms;

There is no such thing as the “perfect” working mother and it’s important to accept that you won't always get it right.

It's ok if things don't go according to plan, It's OK to make mistakes- everyone makes mistakes and it's how we learn and grow along the way.

It’s important to accept that there will be some imperfections in everything you do and learn to adjust accordingly.

Embrace imperfections with open arms, feel confident and be kind to yourself when things don't go as planned.

7. Create a Motherly Alliance;

Join forces and contribute to each other’s success!

Creating a supportive environment for other moms or working moms can help you all navigate the challenges that come with managing life and work balance.

Find moms or join forces with like-minded working moms who understand your struggles, share advice, and provide emotional support.

Having this kind of community will help you stay motivated and on top of things.

8. Stay in Contact with Your Employer.

Make sure to stay in touch with your employer and keep them informed about any changes that may affect your work life.

You can also ask for flexible working hours if needed. Many employers are willing to work out a way that fits both parties' needs, so don't be afraid to reach out!

9. Make Lasting Memories with Special Family Activities!

It’s important to spend quality time with your whole family, so make sure to plan family time / family life activities that will create lasting memories and meaningful moments.

Whether it’s a picnic at the park or baking cookies together in the kitchen, these moments can help strengthen your bond and remind you of what's most important - spending time with family should be part of your to do lists.

10. Re-evaluate Your Priorities Regularly;

Life is ever-changing and your priorities may need to change accordingly. Re-evaluate your goals on a regular basis and adjust them according to what works for you and your family.

It's ok if few things don't go as planned - life doesn't always follow our expectations, but it is important to be flexible and open-minded when dealing with changes.


Being a working mom takes courage, strength and resilience and balancing life working motherhood is no easy feat, it can be difficult but it's not impossible.

By following these tips and keeping an open mind, you can manage both roles successfully and make sure your work and family is taken care of. Don't forget to take time for yourself too - this is just as important!

No matter what, remember that you're doing the best you can with the cards dealt to you, so don't beat yourself up if things don't go according to plan every once in a while. Keep at it and you'll find success in no time!

Despite all the hardships, there are many joys that come with it as well. So take a step back, breathe deep, and remember why you are doing this - your children will thank you for it!

Remember, nothing worth having comes easy! So take your time, breathe deeply, stay positive and stay focused on what matters most - your wellbeing! You got this!

Good luck on your balancing journey! You can do it! :)