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Ever Considered Living Outside Urban Areas

Wednesday, October 13, 2021 8:15 AM By Koch Properties

Ever Considered Living Outside Urban Areas


Cities appeal to people for a lot of reasons; Job opportunities, mix of cultures, and easy access to diverse amenities. But the lifestyle that comes with it might not be your cup of tea. Living a simple life outside the city may seem like a dreadful experience to many, but it could be a dream come true for others. If you are still confused about deciding which lifestyle works for you, ask yourself this: Is serenity, peace and lush greenery more appealing to you in comparison to a vibrant and dynamic lifestyle? If you had to choose, would you choose a starry sky or captivating skyscrapers? But just in case you need more reasons why living outside urban areas is a better choice, then this blog is for you!

Ever Considered Living Outside Urban Areas

Cleaner Air

Because of the abundant greenery and less pollution, the further away you get from the city the cleaner the air becomes. Living outside urban areas also means less traffic on the road which naturally means less pollution and better air quality. The reduced light pollution (this is due to the non-existence of city lights) and reduced air pollution makes the starry sky visible.

Ever Considered Living Outside Urban Areas

A Relaxed Pace of Life

Living outside urban areas can help you slow down, shake off your anxieties, and focus on the things that really matter to you. A mere glance out of the window and onto soothing natural landscapes and green spaces all around, the peace and quiet - all this will help reduce stress and boost your wellbeing.You will be calmer and more positive, your mood, creativity and concentration will improve.

Ever Considered Living Outside Urban Areas

Easier Access to Fresh Food

The type of food that our bodies really need (from fresh fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs to meat) is in abundance outside the city, and so is available land if you want to start growing your own. Outside urban areas even those with less to spend can easily purchase high quality foods for clever diets Eating organic food can do miracles for your body and mind – your immune system will get stronger and your energy levels will increase.

More Space

Properties outside urban areas are typically spacious with vast outdoor areas. There is enough space for whatever you want - a big yard for your kids and pets to play at, a garden for your food or flowers etc. The streets are emptier and the malls less crowded and you will have room to be yourself and your children will have space they need to grow up strong and happy.

Less Crime

Crime can happen anywhere, and living outside urban areas certainly isn’t guaranteed to be completely free of crime. BUT if you’re looking to live somewhere where you can feel more comfortable going out after dark, letting your kids play outside without supervision, or leaving the windows open while you sleep then your best bet is living outside urban areas. There are less people and therefore fewer ill-intentioned individuals, people know each other well and any strange behavior or activity becomes obvious immediately.

More Privacy

Since most homes are located at some distance from each other, you can enjoy your privacy and not worry about playing your music too loud or about nosey neighbours invading your privacy. If you like privacy, then living outside urban areas will definitely provide solitude to you.


Even the most adamant city dwellers may find that they feel a certain sense of joy and freedom when they trade the crowded streets for the serenity and Starry sky. But if you are thinking of living outside urban areas, make an informed decision based on the way that you like to live your life.