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Koch Properties Has Some Holiday Gift Ideas For You.

Wednesday, December 7, 2022 11:20 AM By Koch Properties

Koch Properties Has Some Holiday Gift Ideas For You.


The holidays are a great time for sharing gifts with family and friends just to show them that you appreciate them for their patronage during the year. But of course, it is also a great time to get the gifts you want too! You may be wondering what gifts you can give this year that they don't already have. We have some ideas from Koch properties that are perfect that you can buy for your family, friends, colleagues, or even yourself.

Koch Properties Has Some Holiday Gift Ideas For You.

Hand out Gift Baskets

A gift basket is a great holiday gift idea for your clients, colleagues, friends, and family. Wow them by combining different gifts that suit the occasion, like bottles of wine, ginger snap cookies, themed chocolates, etc. The basket is also valuable as it can be reused after the holidays.

Koch Properties Has Some Holiday Gift Ideas For You.


The holiday season is about family gatherings and parties, and coasters are much sought after in every household. That's why artisanal coasters are great gift ideas for everyone on your list; you can order generic or even personalised sets.

Koch Properties Has Some Holiday Gift Ideas For You.

Cozy Blankets

Cozy blankets make great gift ideas for everyone. Super cozy and soft blankets are perfect for keeping warm in cold weather. You can personalize your gift with the family’s initials or a simple line like “Snuggly Time”. Also if it's meant to go out to your clients you can add phrases like " Koch Properties - Your Real Estate Experts " On top of that you can even include your business brand logo somewhere

Koch Properties Has Some Holiday Gift Ideas For You.

Throw a Pillow

Another great holiday gift idea for everyone on your list is the throw pillows, these are suitable for people of any age and interest.

Koch Properties Has Some Holiday Gift Ideas For You.

A Branded Welcome Mat

A grounded holiday gift idea would be a welcome mat. The holiday season’s excess of rain makes a good doormat valuable. However, this gift remains useful for your friends well through the year. You can also personalize it. For example, inscribe a quote, your business logo, and the name of the person being gifted.

Koch Properties Has Some Holiday Gift Ideas For You.

Holiday Ornaments

Holiday ornaments are a classic Christmas gift for a reason. People love receiving ornaments because, first, they add to the tapestry of annual holiday decorations that tell a story of their lives. Plus, ornaments are generally affordable and can be personalised to each recipient. You can find lots of customizable options.

Koch Properties Has Some Holiday Gift Ideas For You.

Family Calendars

Family calendars are popular even in the digital age. They have separate columns for each family member, which allows everyone to keep track of what the others are doing, as well as their schedules. These calendars are also budget-friendly.

Koch Properties Has Some Holiday Gift Ideas For You.

Holiday Decorations

Gifting holiday décor comes with two benefits. First, it gets displayed prominently - on the porch, on the tree, or in other places where visitors, friends, and family can view it. And if it has your name or brand on it? That's free exposure. In most cases, it also gets used again - year after year, decade after decade. The best options are holiday mats, wreaths, mantel décor, or personalised tree ornaments (Think "Home Sweet Home" with your name/brokerage in small print).

Koch Properties Has Some Holiday Gift Ideas For You.

The Gift Of Service

Service is the perfect gift idea for that difficult-to-shop-for person on your list. It's unique, thoughtful, and useful - everything that a good gift should be. And service comes in lots of different forms, so you're sure to find something just right for your recipient. For the real estate aficionado, consider giving a session on home staging or design consultation. If you have a friend who's always looking for new restaurants to try, why not give them a dinner reservation at a trendy new spot? a service is also a great option for those who have everything - after all, there's always something that needs to be done, whether it's running errands, doing yard work, or walking the dog. So if you're stuck for gift ideas this year, remember: service is the gift that keeps on giving.

A Personalised Cutting Board

Cutting boards get so much use - and often, they're put on display, too. Consider gifting your clients a personalized wood one to stock their new kitchen. Again, you can use Etsy here and just add their family name. They'll appreciate the personal touch and will remember you fondly each time they use the board.

A Video Doorbell

A video doorbell can make a great gift for someone in your life, such as a friend or family member. Video doorbells are becoming increasingly popular—even renowned real estate agents agree that adding one to the entrance of their client's homes adds extra value to their properties. Even though you can't necessarily brand or put your name on it, you can bet the homeowner will remember where they got it from.

Monogrammed Travel Mugs

A pair of monogrammed travel mugs can be great, too (coffee-, Thermos-, or Yeti-style will all work!) You can add your friends' monograms, as well as your company logo or website. Then, every time they take a sip at the office or while on the go, someone will see your name.


The holidays are all about giving, and these gift ideas are sure to spread some cheer! Show your family and friends you care with a thoughtful holiday gift that will be cherished long after the holiday season fades away. And if you want to ensure they remember your gift, make sure to brand it with your business logo or name. Remember to show your Real estate agent/Realtor (us) some love and send us a gift as well. Koch Properties wishes you the best during your gift shopping! Happy holidays!