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Master Work-Life Balance With Carol Koech

Thursday, May 9, 2024 10:17 AM By Carol Koech

Mastering Work-Life Balance

Work life balance

Carol Koech’s Guide to Juggling it All

In today's fast-paced world, each day presents unique challenges and opportunities. Achieving a perfect work-life balance for anyone is crucial and resembles conducting a complex and dynamic symphony.

As Managing Director and Co-Founder of Koch Properties,  I know all too well the intricate dance of juggling work, family, and personal health. It's an art form, requiring grace, grit, and deep self-awareness. In today's whirlwind world, mastering work-life balance is like conducting a complex symphony—especially for career-focused women playing the roles of mother, wife, and professional all at once.

But achieving a healthy work-life balance doesn’t happen overnight. It requires intentional effort and a willingness to prioritize what truly matters. Here are a few strategies I've been working on to master the balancing act:

Seeking Support

 Juggling it All

From the beginning, balancing a demanding real estate career with my roles as a mom and wife was challenging. I found myself overwhelmed by tasks, each requiring immediate attention, days blended together, responsibilities overlapped, and time was always in short supply.

The key breakthrough was realizing the importance of asking for help and delegating tasks, both professionally and personally. This strategy allowed me to concentrate on my priorities and manage my energy more effectively.

The myth of self-made success is just that - a myth. Behind every successful woman is a network of support that lifts her up. For me, embracing the need for help was critical.

Whether it involved sharing household responsibilities with my partner or working with my team to make operations more efficient, recognizing the need for support was a strategic step towards lasting success - It's was a testament to the fact that success in any demanding career, alongside personal responsibilities, is achievable with the right support system.

Setting Boundaries


Number two, which stands as one of the most potent tools in my personal and professional arsenal? It is, without a doubt, the establishment of clear, unapologetic boundaries. In the nascent stages of my career, I frequently encountered the temptation to be everywhere for everyone, a common pitfall for many ambitious individuals.

This approach, however, was unsustainable, leading me to a significant epiphany – that true balance and personal fulfillment begin with the powerful, albeit sometimes difficult, word ‘no’.

By setting firm and non-negotiable boundaries around my work hours, I made a conscious decision to prioritize my well-being and personal life. This meant dedicating quality, uninterrupted time to my family and loved ones, which not only safeguarded my mental well-being but also enriched my personal relationships.

The establishment of these boundaries also carved out much-needed periods of rest and self-care that revitalized my spirit. These moments of pause allowed me to disconnect from the pressures of work, indulge in hobbies and interests that brought me joy, and simply be present in the moment, which in turn nurtured my mental and emotional health.

More importantly, it created a sustainable work-life balance that allowed me to return to my professional endeavors with a renewed focus, vigor, and energy. The practice of saying ‘no’—of setting and respecting my own limits—has been transformative, empowering me to perform at my best and engage more meaningfully in every aspect of my life.

The Art of Being Present

The Art of Being Present

In my relentless quest to embody the ideal managing director, I frequently found myself disregarding the critical importance of being truly present in my own life. The relentless pursuit of professional success led me to overlook the simple yet profound joys that come from just being.

However, I have discovered that carving out time for self-care and mindfulness—whether it be through meditation, taking leisurely walks in the heart of nature, or engaging in playful and laughter-filled moments with my childrenhas played a pivotal role in reconnecting with my core essence and rediscovering my joy.

This deliberate act of slowing down, of allowing myself moments of stillness amidst the hustle, has unexpectedly enhanced my productivity, sparked newfound creativity, and significantly increased my sense of fulfillment in all spheres of life, both professionally and personally. It has taught me that in the midst of our busy lives, finding time to pause and immerse ourselves in the present moment is not just a luxury, but a necessity for holistic well-being.

Defining Success on Your Own Terms

Defining Success on Your Own Terms

The most significant takeaway from mastering this balancing act? Understanding that success is a deeply personal concept. For me, the definition of success goes beyond professional milestones or achievements.

It encompasses the joy and fulfillment that come from the life those achievements enable me to lead. It's about having the freedom to savor precious moments with my family and friends, to indulge in hobbies and passions without the constant pressure of work. It's the ability to witness the tangible impacts of my hard work and dedication in real-time, seeing how my efforts contribute to a happier, more fulfilling life.

This epiphany was truly eye-opening, completely transforming my perspective on what it means to lead a successful and balanced life. It taught me that success isn't just about accolades or accomplishments; it's about how those accomplishments allow us to enjoy the things that matter most.

The Intentional Pause: Creating Space for Growth

Work life balance

Recently, I've intentionally focused on creating space for new clients and opportunities, wholeheartedly embracing the concept that the universe abhors a vacuum and tends to fill it.

By meticulously optimizing my schedule, not only have I managed to attract more business and opportunities into my professional life, but I've also done so without overextending myself or compromising my well-being.

This deliberate strategy of consciously taking a pause, stepping back to evaluate and prioritize, has significantly enhanced my engagement with my work. It has allowed me to approach each new project with a renewed sense of excitement and vigor.

By streamlining my daily tasks and responsibilities, has not only improved my productivity but has also paved the way for engaging more deeply in my professional growth.

These strategies are the cornerstone of my philosophy for welcoming new opportunities with open arms. I've found that by making space, both literally and figuratively, for the new and the unknown, I've invited a wealth of possibilities into my life, enriching my professional journey in ways I had not imagined possible.

Remembering My Why

My Why

I'm also learning that in the relentless hustle and bustle of daily life, it's all too easy to lose sight of what's truly important. However, taking a moment to pause and reconnect with my underlying purpose serves as a powerful reminder of why I embarked on this journey to begin with.

In doing so, I try to remember my core motivations. Not the surface-level reasons like "to help others" or "to improve the lives of others," which, while noble, are quite broad. I'm diving into the deeper waters of personal motivation, asking myself, "What do I truly want for MY life?"

This is about identifying the profound and personal "why" that fuels my passion and drive. There's an infinite number of ways to "help others" and "change lives," but I'm referring to the kind of "why" that resonates on a much deeper level. The "why" that inspired me to start my own business, the "why" that set me on this thrilling journey in the first place.

Sometimes, all we need is a small reminder to step out of the mundane, to break free from the routine and rediscover the joy of living. This can be the catalyst that helps us return to our tasks with a fresh perspective, renewed energy, and perhaps most importantly, a rekindled passion for our work.

It's about finding balance between striving for success and ensuring we don't lose sight of the personal reasons that started us on this path. So, I take a moment to reflect on my deeper "why" and I let it guide and motivate me as I continue on my journey.

In Conclusion: A Call to Reflect and Share


Achieving work-life balance involves a continuous, conscious effort to align our daily tasks with what truly matters to us. Especially for women, those of us navigating the realms of motherhood, partnership, and leadership, the balance may seem elusive, but it’s within our grasp.

So, to all the fellow jugglers out there – whether you're balancing a career, a family, or any other combination of responsibilities – remember that you're not alone. We're all in this together, figuring it out as we go along.

And while the balancing act may never be perfect, it's the journey itself that makes it all worthwhile. So take a step back, breathe, and remember to enjoy the ride. After all, life is meant to be lived, not just survived.

I invite you to reflect on your work-life balance and share your strategies or challenges. How do you juggle the multiple roles in your work and personal life? What lessons have you learned along the way?

Together, we can pave the way for a more balanced, fulfilling professional and personal life.

Remember, it’s about enjoying the journey, cherishing the roles we embody, and celebrating the woman within who makes it all happen.