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Off Plan Property Purchase Due Diligence in Kenya

Wednesday, August 23, 2023 2:44 PM By Koch Properties

Off-Plan Property Purchase Due Diligence in Kenya

Let's start by discussing the concept of off-plan properties. Off-plan properties are those that are currently under development and not yet available for sale. These properties offer buyers a unique opportunity to purchase at a lower cost, as they are acquired before construction is complete. However, it's important to be aware that buying off-plan properties comes with certain risks that are not typically associated with purchasing properties on the open market.

When conducting due diligence on an off-plan property, it is crucial to follow specific key steps for a comprehensive evaluation. In this blog post, we will explore several important steps to consider before buying an off-plan property. Discover how to make an informed decision and navigate the off-plan property market successfully.

Before making an off-plan property purchase, it's crucial to conduct thorough research and due diligence. Here are key steps to follow:

  1. Research The Development Company:

A skilled developer possesses a track record of successful projects and can provide comprehensive information on construction plans, estimated completion dates, and other relevant details. It is crucial to review legal documents like title deeds or leases and ensure compliance with land regulations. Moreover, conducting a thorough background check on the developer is essential to ensure a reputable and financially stable partnership. Trustworthy developer, successful projects, legal compliance, construction plans, estimated completion dates.

2. Assess Project Risks:

When considering off-plan properties, it's crucial to evaluate potential risks and their impact on your investment. Factors to consider include project completion risks, economic downturns, disputes between developers and contractors, and local/regional planning restrictions.

3.Evaluate Construction Materials:

Before making an off-plan purchase, it is crucial to inspect the materials used in the construction process. This involves researching the materials for walls, floors, and roofs. Additionally, inquire about additional features like water heaters or air-conditioning systems. It's important to ensure the quality of materials and amenities for your future home.

4.Verify Financial Aspects:

When making an off-plan purchase, it's crucial to ensure the developer's financial responsibility. Verify all property-related financial documents, including loans, mortgages, and financing agreements. Understand the payment terms, fees, and additional costs associated with the purchase. Don't risk unpleasant surprises. Prioritize due diligence for a secure investment.

5.Review Sale Agreements:

Before making an off-plan purchase, it's crucial to thoroughly review all sale agreements for the property. This includes understanding the legal documents related to the development and confirming your full ownership rights. Additionally, it's important to carefully read any lease contracts associated with the development, ensuring they protect your interests as a buyer. Don't overlook these essential steps when considering an off-plan purchase.

6.Understand Local Market Conditions:

When considering an off-plan property, it's crucial to research the local housing market. Understanding potential risks involves analyzing factors like population density, economic trends, and infrastructure developments. Also, consider the property's appreciation rate to estimate expected yields accurately. Conducting thorough research is essential for informed decision-making in off-plan property purchases.

7.Seek Professional Assistance:

Performing due diligence is a crucial step that should never be underestimated when buying off-plan properties. If you have any uncertainties about the aforementioned process, it is advisable to seek assistance from experts like Koch Properties. They can provide valuable insights into market dynamics and minimise risks associated with investing in off-plan properties.

Bottom Line;

Investing in off-plan properties is a complex process that requires careful consideration. Conducting due diligence is crucial to secure your investment and understand the associated risks. By evaluating all the steps involved, you can make an informed decision when investing in off-plan properties in Kenya. Gain peace of mind knowing you've made an educated purchase.